Volkswagen Safety vehicle frame

The Standard in safety standards.

Committed to delivering the safest ride for your family or any other precious cargo, Volkswagen uses the latest safety technology. So when you hit the road, you’ll have peace of mind knowing every Volkswagen is designed to protect the passengers in your car, and the next.

Lane Assist*

A camera on the front of your car reads road markings to center your car in its lane. If your vehicle begins to drift out of lane, you’ll be assisted in correcting your path. So when it comes to long, winding commutes, we’ll always give it to you straight.

volkswagen safety windshield camera

How it Works

A camera at the top of your windshield detects lane markings that monitor your driving path. In some models, minor corrections are automatically taken to help you stay safely in the center of your lane.

Where it’s featured

Camera mounted at the top of your windshield.

Post-Collision Braking

Looking out for you when you need it most, our Post-Collision Braking system applies the brakes after a collision has been detected for as long as necessary to safely reduce your speed. This minimizes the damage of the collision while helping prevent another.

volkswagen safety abs module brakes
volkswagen safety airbag system abs computer

How it Works

When a collision is detected by the airbag system a message is sent to the ABS module to apply the brakes. This reduces the speed of the vehicle to 9.5 km/h in order to prevent or minimise the severity of subsequent collisions.

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Crash sensors connected to the airbag system communicate with the ABS computer.

Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control regulates your speed and distance from cars ahead without driver input on the gas and brake pedals. So you’ll be comfortable and stress free while you’re on the road. It’s the cruise control that feels more like cruise freedom.

volkswagen safety radar sensors front grille

How it Works

When cruise control is engaged, radar sensors installed in front of the car begin to scan the road ahead. These sensors constantly monitor the speed and distance of the vehicle in front of you to adjust your speed accordingly. If the road is clear, the system maintains a max speed set by the driver. This helps maintain a comfortable and safe ride in any situation.

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Radar sensors on the front of your car.


Our rearview camera lets you spot obstacles behind your car and provides guidelines on the display for fuss-free reverse parking. It’s like having eyes on the back or your head. That are attached to a digital display. And make you better at parking.

How it Works

A camera located at the rear of the car is activated when you’re in reverse. It then displays a live image of the area behind your car with a guideline overlay. This is especially helpful for reverse parking and hitching up a trailer.

Where it’s Featured

Camera located at the rear of your vehicle.