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All-Wheel Drive

Stay in control

When it comes to Canadian roads, you can’t be too careful. That’s the unique advantage to Volkswagen 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive. Unlike some 4-wheel-drive systems, 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive automatically redirects power to the wheels that need it most—adapting to weather and road conditions—in real time, right when you need it most.

Meet the 4MOTION® Family

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The SUV versatile enough to handle whatever life throws your way.

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red vw golf alltrack suv

Golf Alltrack

With performance shifting and off-road suspension. We’re talking serious off-roading with no trade-offs.

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Designed to deliver the ultimate satisfaction – whether you’re on road or just sitting in your driveway.

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4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive

Use our interactive tool to learn how 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive works


Off-Road Ready

Towing Traction

Controlled Corners

Uphill Battle

Snow Day Saviour

Off-Road Ready

Towing Traction

Controlled Corners

Uphill Battle

Snow Day Saviour

Win the Uphill Battle

Problem: Front wheels lose traction
on slippery inclines

Solution: Power shifts to all wheels
to help maximize traction

Save the Snowy Day

Problem: Snowy, icy roads can cause wheels to lose grip

Solution: Power is intelligently distributed
to wheels with best traction

Pull Through Towing Trouble

Problem: Adding weight to the back bumper raises the front wheels

Solution: Power is sent to rear wheels
to help stabilize when towing

Be Off-Road Ready

Problem: Uneven roads mean varying degrees of traction

Solution: Wheels with best grip receive power to help maximize traction

More Control on Every Corner

Problem: Control can be lost on sharp or slippery corners

Solution: Power to accelerate out of turns
is distributed to all four wheels

Solution: Brakes applied to the
inner wheel for additional control

*Please drive safely and obey all traffic laws including speed limits.
driving mode button inside of a vw vehicle

4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive
with Driving Mode Selection
Control, enhanced.

The 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive system adds control. Volkswagen also provides drivers with the ability to select driving modes that enhance it further. Select the mode that best suits your driving conditions for better control on any terrain.

Available on selected Volkswagen models.

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