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A Man Charging his 2020 VW E Golf

Recharged and reimagined.

2020 VW E Golf - EV distance Range

198 km range

With an estimated range of up to 198 km, one charge is all it takes to realize the benefits of this gas-free Golf.

2020 VW E Golf - led headlights

Adaptive LED headlights

LED headlights are bright, bold and highly energy efficient. Better still, the Adaptive Front-light System matches your steering as you bend along the road.

2020 VW E Golf - Electric engine instant torque

Instant acceleration

Blaze from 0 to 100 km/h in just 9.6 seconds, thanks to the e-Golf’s 214 lb-ft of instantaneous torque.

2020 VW E Golf - 9,2 inches digital touchscreen

Available Discover Pro 9.2" touchscreen

Easily swipe through songs with the gesture control feature, check your range and enjoy full control of other media and features with the vibrant Discover Pro 9.2" touchscreen.

2020 VW E Golf - Digital Cockpit

Available Digital Cockpit

The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit is an intuitive, customizable digital display that lets you tailor your display to your unique driving needs. The built-in navigation puts the map right in front of the steering wheel so you can plan and view your route with ease.

2020 VW E Golf - digital touchscreen features

Looking for more features?

From the e-Manager to 60/40 folding seats with a handy pass-through, the e-Golf has a lot more to offer than just electrifying performance.

Take charge of your drive.

Home charging

Charge your e-Golf from the comfort of your own home with a sturdy and reliable FLO Home™ charging station.

FLO Home X5 charging station

FLO Home™ X5

240 V
30 A
7.2 kW
MSRP: $1,295, includes shipping

The FLO Home™ X5 home charging station is connected to Canada’s most reliable charging network, ensuring top-quality service. You can even track usage and configure your settings online.

FLO Home G5 charging station

FLO Home™ G5

240 V
30 A
7.2 kW
MSRP: $995, includes shipping

The FLO Home™ G5 home charging station offers the same quality and reliability as the X5, without network connectivity.

Charging on the road

Recharging your e-Golf while you’re on the road is easy. Simply plug it in to a 50 kW fast-charging station and you’ll be charging up to 3-4 km per minute – which means less time waiting, and more time driving.

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