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2019 VW Golf Alltrack interior look from the side

First-class style, off-road performance.

2019 VW Golf Alltrack 4 Motion All-Wheel Drive

4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive

The 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive system instantly redirects power to the wheels that need it most, which helps keep you confident and in control behind the wheel. 4MOTION® is made for Canadian roads.

2019 VW Golf Alltrack  enlarged trunk Space with split-folding rear seats

Customize your cargo

SUVs aren’t the only ones that know how to pack in the fun. 60/40 split-folding rear seats let you fit more adventures while retaining your lean and mean style.

2019 VW Golf Alltrack  Panoramic sunroof

Panoramic sunroof

Experience the great outdoors from the inside. The front-to-back-row panoramic sunroof lets the sun shine through the entire wagon for an open-road feeling and the occasional bird sighting.

2019 VW Golf Alltrack  Features Cross Differential System (XDS)

Cross Differential System (XDS)

Experience sportier and sharper adventuring. The Cross Differential System automatically brakes the inside wheel of the vehicle slightly and directs power to the outside wheel, letting you take on the road less travelled with confidence.

2019 VW Golf Alltrack  Raised suspension

Raised suspension

With increased ground clearance, the Alltrack lets you travel off the beaten path and onto the uneven rocky roads where most don’t dare to.

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From standard features to available upgrades, there’s lots to love about the Golf Alltrack.

4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive

Use our interactive tool to learn how 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive works


Off-Road Ready

Towing Traction

Controlled Corners

Uphill Battle

Snow Day Saviour

Off-Road Ready

Towing Traction

Controlled Corners

Uphill Battle

Snow Day Saviour

Win the Uphill Battle

Problem: Front wheels lose traction
on slippery inclines

Solution: Power shifts to all wheels
to help maximize traction

Save the Snowy Day

Problem: Snowy, icy roads can cause wheels to lose grip

Solution: Power is intelligently distributed
to wheels with best traction

Pull Through Towing Trouble

Problem: Adding weight to the back bumper raises the front wheels

Solution: Power is sent to rear wheels
to help stabilize when towing

Be Off-Road Ready

Problem: Uneven roads mean varying degrees of traction

Solution: Wheels with best grip receive power to help maximize traction

More Control on Every Corner

Problem: Control can be lost on sharp or slippery corners

Solution: Power to accelerate out of turns
is distributed to all four wheels

Solution: Brakes applied to the
inner wheel for additional control

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